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Exploit Writing training by the Exploit Pack team - August 2024.

Learn to develop your own exploits with the team of penetration testers behind Exploit Pack. This comprehensive course covers both fundamental principles and advanced techniques used in real-world attacks.
No advanced previous knowledge is required, though familiarity with programming, Windows, and Linux internals is a plus. This is a hands-on training, so be ready to get your hands dirty!

At the end of the bootcamp you can choose to take the exam (included in the price). This exam will cover, in a practical CTF-like scenario, all the topics you previously learned.

Price including exam: € 899 € 500 (Promotional price. Limited spots available)
When: Last week of August
Where: Live Online (Zoom)

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Part 1

- Cracking basics with IDA
- Reversing tools
- Buffer overflows
- Shellcodes
- Memory dissecting
- EggHunting

Part 2

- Exploit Development with Exploit Pack
- AutoPWN
- XML, code and internals
- Searching for exploits
- Parsing languages
- Bypass of exploit mitigations such as ASLR, DEP, stack canaries, SafeSEH, etc.

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