Adversary simulation attacks.

Control Pack v1.0 Simulate complex attack scenarios and bypass AVs / EDRs.

Take your adversary simulations and Red Team operations to the next level.

Control Pack has been designed to enable Red teams and cyber security professionals to simulate the attacks and tactics of a real threat inside and outside of a corporate IT network. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface that will get you running in no time and its agents are easy to customize. Control Pack at its core is a commercial C2 that will allow you to conduct attack simulations with the added value of being able to bypass the most current AV's and EDRs.

App Screenshots

Browser pivoting

Make use of it to get around two-factor authentication, phishing campaigns and reconnaissance.

Covert communication

Obfuscate your communication to remain under the radar, switch between HTTP, HTTPS and Socket type of agents.

Reconnaissance and Post-exploitation

Discovers client-side software and version information that your target uses to identify potential known vulnerabilities. Make use of Control Pack agents to log keystrokes, take screenshots, download files, and execute other payloads.

Technical support and Training

Never get stuck, your license includes free technical support and consultation during your next project. We are here to help you achieve results and improve your pentesting capabilities.

Trusted by technical teams at companies of all sizes around the globe

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What our clients say about Control Pack:

"Control Pack has been supporting our Cyber Security needs since the beginning. Their understanding of the relevance of staying ahead of the curve is crucial and their online training and technical support have definitely been an added value." - R. De Vries - Red Team Lead.