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Why perform a Penetration test with us?

All our tests are done manually and with a hacking mindset. We possess the skills and cutting-edge expertise to maximize the effectiveness of our penetration tests. We think like hackers, but we are professional penetration testers.

Our workflow extends beyond only reporting; we provide real-world results and offer potential solutions for every scenario. We stand by your side, assisting you throughout the re-testing process. Benefit from our experience. Get a quote today, so you don’t need us tomorrow.

Our services include

  Penetration Testing
  Exploit development
  Red Team exercises
  Static and dynamic code analysis
  Reverse engineering of software and hardware
  Network Infra testing
  Web application testing
  Mobile application testing
  API and components testing
  Training for teams

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What the community says about Exploit Pack:

"Penetration testing has a lot of repeating tasks, especially when doing similar assignments for clients. For this reason, tools like Exploit Pack help with automating repeating activities. This framework contains over 38.000 exploits, probably much more than one might ever need." -