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Exploitation Framework - Exploit Pack

exploitpack Exploit Pack is an exploit development framework. Get access to more than 39.500 exploits, all the zero-days from our lab, post-exploitation modules, advanced features and shellcodes. Get all the arsenal you need before your next penetration test.

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Remote control - Control Pack

exploitpack Control Pack is our attack simulation platform. It includes a C2 server and agents capable of bypassing the most modern AVs and EDR detection techniques. To keep your next simulation attack under the radar and take control, get Control Pack.

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Who is behind Exploit Pack and Control Pack?

Exploit Pack as a company has been since 2008 helping Penetration Testers, Red Teams and Cyber Security professionals around the world achieve results no other tools can. Our team of highly skilled penetration testers, developers and cyber security experts is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, to ensure that our software solutions and Penetration tests are always at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. Secure your network, speed up software delivery and prevent cyber attacks.

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What the community says about Exploit Pack:

"Penetration testing has a lot of repeating tasks, especially when doing similar assignments for clients. For this reason, tools like Exploit Pack help with automating repeating activities. This framework contains over 38.000 exploits, probably much more than one might ever need." -