More than 34.000+ exploits

We develop security software for exploitation and professional computer defense metrics.

Exploit Pack use an advanced software-defined interface that supports rapid reconfiguration to adapt exploit codes to the constantly evolving threat environment. Our technologies allow you to rapidly tests and defend against hostile remote targets.

The mission of Exploit Pack is to process and exploit security issues, gain access and report incidents in a technical report to help you have a better security posture against hostile systems. We have successfully demonstrated our capabilities to detect, track, identify and negate security flaws.


Insider threat detection

Detection, analysis and remediation

Objectively measure threats, vulnerabilities, impact and risks associated with specific cyber-security incidents by rapidly reacting on the integration of both, offensive and defensive security, this is vital to achieve a security strengh and ensure all facets of the information environment are synchronized in time and space are core strengths, we provide our users with operational exploits and security tools to prevent disasters and measure security and active risks.


High performance security tracking

Offensive security tests

Exploit Pack has been designed by an experienced team of software developers and exploit writers to automate processes so that penetration testers can focus on what's really important. The threat. This blend of software engineers and subject matter experts provides an unique advantage by combining technical know-how with true insight into the problem set.


Nothing to hide

Exploit Pack is open source and licensed GPLv3

Affordable alternative

Exploit Pack is the best alternative in the market of penetration testing tools.

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We have more than 33000+ exploits and updates ready to download.

Black Hat 2014-2015

Exploit Pack has been presented in BlackHat Europe and USA.

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The best graphical user interface out there in any security tool.

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