About the Packs

Exploit packs are distributed via web or email as an encrypted bundle ( tipically a signed gzip file ) and contains additional modules that plug directly into Exploit Pack. Installation is usually simple, just expand the desired tree and get all the arsenal you need. Give some ammo to your weapons by upgrading Exploit Pack with Packs.
For advanced users we offer packs of Zero day exploits, to suit your security needs and help you achieve your goals.

Donations: Exploit Pack is an open source non-commercial security project, all donations received are used to maintain the laboratory, and services needed to continue this project alive. Thanks for all your support. We also accept old-hardware and sponsorship!

Disclaimer: Using Exploit Packs may result in unexpected behavior in some applications. Until you are familiar with Exploit Writing or it core functionalities, you should only use Exploit Pack against, non-production environments.

How to get a Pack

Any security enthusiast whose needs aren't met with the default community Pack ( 350 exploits ) that comes with Exploit Pack, can take advantage of the Professional or Premium packs that are ready to use and contain a fullset of more than 37.000+ exploits with the latest vulnerabilities found in the wild, private stacks and public cves. Get ready for the next level. If you still have questions, contact us to: support@exploitpack.com or open a ticket here: https://exploitpack.freshdesk.com/support/home

We deliver this Packs online and usually in no more than 24 hours ( using gpg keys to sign the files ) or via a bundle Gzip, all the funds received from this packs are used to keep this project alive.

All target platforms are supported including mobile devices.

Keep up-to-date

New versions and releases of these packs are distributed by email, you will get a notification every time a new release is up. Including new exploits, zero days and trainings, depending on the Pack you have ordered. Beware that our only contact will be by email notifications, ensure you use a valid address.

Professional Pack

The most valuable option for your budget

A budget collection, this pack contains all the exploits you could find out there, a full set of 10.000+ exploits and by using it you can be sure that you will take your pentest to the next level . All the platform are included: Windows, Linux, Unix, Minix, SCO, Solaris, OSX, etc. and even mobile and web attacks.

Professional Pack €300,00 EUR

Premium Pack + Training + Zero Days

The real deal, more than 37.000+ exploits, zero days, updates and support

This Pack includes 37.000+ exploits, zero-days and weekly/monthly updates, technical support, for a life-time period so no extra fees or monthly payments. If you are looking to have the best and bigger collection of exploits out there but you also want to receive periodic updates and zero-days, then this is exactly the Pack you need.

Exploit Training material is also included with this Pack, custom made papers and articles about Exploit Development using Exploit Pack are distributed, by getting a Premium Pack you also receive privilege access to our regular Training Courses. Step up your security career with Exploit Pack, get ready for your next target.

Zero days: Are distributed only to our Premium users.
Check our current Exploit List: http://exploitpack.com/ExploitList.txt
Training material: Digital in PDF format, no previous knowledge is required.
Live trainings: The trainings are only available and free of charge for our Premium users. You have to register by email: support@exploitpack.com
Exploit Development ( April 2017 ): Learn how to develop exploits in Linux/Windows, ROPS ( Return Oriented Programming ), Shellcodes and more!
Rootkit development ( July 2017 ): Rootkits for Windows 64, type of rootkits Kernel development and a focus on WKDK. This time only for Windows platforms.

Premium Pack €600,00 EUR